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Whether clamming the bay, working at Farias surf shop, or delivering produce to local restaurants, Vincent Guarino’s goal as a teenager in the early 1980s was to spend as much time as possible on Long Beach Island at his family’s summer home in Harvey Cedars. He always dreamed of the day that he no longer had to take the dreaded drive over the causeway back to his hometown in South Jersey outside Philadelphia.  

It took longer than expected, but some 30 years later, Vincent exited his family produce business, followed his soul back to his Long Beach Island roots, and became a realtor on the island. 

Shortly after, his son Drew, who had a similar upbringing and love for the island, found himself searching for a career. It took one summer internship in the city, at a hectic financial institution to realize he could not trade his love for LBI for a career in finance. 

The two teamed up to form The Guarino Team. They soon found that their shared love and passion for the island was well suited to help homebuyers and sellers. 

The team then welcomed the final member of the Guarino family, Beau, to complete the team. Beau is a recent resident of LBI, who like his father and brother, shares a deep affection for the island. By combining his local knowledge of the island with a background in Data Science, he brings a unique skill set to the team. 

They have since grown into one of the top-producing teams on the island, welcoming new homeowners to the island as life-long friends and helping owners sell their coveted piece of LBI property to the next family waiting to make unforgettable memories. 

The Guarino’s strongly believe there is no place like LBI and are grateful for the opportunity to connect with those who share this affinity and educate newcomers about the beautiful island alike.

The Guarino Team promises to provide you with professionalism, honesty, deep local knowledge, round-the-clock availability, unmatched enthusiasm, and passion for Long Beach Island. 

Meet the team

Vincent Guarino


I first fell in love with LBI when I was a young boy. My parents would bring me and my 3 sisters to the Island for summer vacations. Although the vacations were always great, they always seemed to go too fast. I remember the deep sadness I felt when heading west back home, already turning my attention to next summer’s trip. 

A summer vacation destination, soon turned into a second home.  When I was 15 years old, my father bought a home in Harvey Cedars. It was that day, I made LBI officially my home. “Work hard, play hard” summers ensued. Clamming the bay and repairing bikes at Farias surf shop consumed my days followed by dancing the night away at “The Ketch”.

As I transitioned into adulthood, outside of day trips and summer vacations, my career forced me away from the island. The same sad feeling I felt as a kid when crossing the causeway back to reality ensued. In 2014, fate brought me back to the Island as a full-time resident. This time I called fourth street in Ship Bottom my home. I soon after began my real estate career. 

In 2020, my son Drew graduated college and had an internship with Goldman Sachs, an opportunity afforded to him on years of arduous work. It seemed certain that was his path forward. In the fall of the 2020, I received an unexpected call from him. He had decided that the corporate world was not for him and he too wanted to pursue his love for LBI and become a realtor.

It was that day Guarino team was born. 

Today our passion for LBI is as strong as ever. From Bungalows in the Dunes, to charming Beach Haven cottages, to beachfront mansions, we thoroughly enjoy exploring all of the magnificent homes our island has to offer. Each home tells a different story, and offers a new perspective and view of our beautiful island.

We feel very blessed to do what we do and we are grateful to share this as father and sons. Being realtors presents us with the opportunity to meet so many special people from different walks of life who share a mutual affinity for the island. While our paths may differ, our LBI story began the same. A 2-mile trip over a causeway, to an unseen island that we would one day call home in our hearts.

Drew Guarino


I was fortunate to spend my summers on the island throughout my childhood, but the dreaded drive through the Jersey Pines always left me feeling empty. I learned at a young age I needed to find a way to spend as much time on the island as possible. Whether it be selling lemonade to beachgoers, turning our driveway into $5 beach parking, serving tables at local restaurants, or starting a produce delivery company ‘LBI Produce,’ I was never short of creative ways to find a way to live in the place I loved most.

As I transitioned to a young adult, I knew that the career in finance I was pursuing meant giving up my dream of living on the island full-time, a transition I felt I was prepared for.  After spending my first summer in a corporate role at Goldman Sachs in Jersey City, reality abruptly hit me. Time away from the island gave me an instant perspective on how much I missed it. It was time to make the trek down the parkway to Exit 63, back to my home. At the time, passing on an opportunity to start my career at a reputable firm seemed illogical to most, but I knew in my heart that coming back was the right decision. I decided to team up with my dad, Vincent, who commonly shares the same love for Long Beach Island and had recently turned it into a career in real estate.

Upon becoming a realtor, I quickly found that my local knowledge and passion for the island provided value to my clients who were buying or selling real estate. 

Calling the island my home and my office makes every day feel like a dream, and I am grateful to work in a place I love most. A place that serves as common ground for folks of all backgrounds. A place that seemingly provides a never-ending supply of good vibes, majestic sunsets, and happy memories. 

Whether you are buying, selling, or interested in exploring our 18-mile paradise, I’d love to learn more about your story and would be happy to assist you with your real estate needs however I can.

Beau Guarino


Even as a child I knew there was something different about LBI. I always struggled to understand why we would sleep with our doors open and leave our bikes unlocked, when at home we locked everything religiously. My dad would always tell me, “you don’t have to worry about that stuff here”. Hearing the protector of your family utter those words provided me with a feeling of comfort I vividly remember today. 

My LBI summers were simple yet so formative. Beach days in Surf City are where I fell in love with the sun. Mini golf tournaments at Flamingo and Hartland provided some of my earliest memories of competition(and sadly, to this day remain some of my only golf victories). Loitering around Bay Village with friends and attempting to talk to girls taught me how to deal with rejection. And the overwhelming feeling of joy that I felt when driving over the causeway proved to me that some places in this world are just more special than others. 

When I was a child the island was my playground, now it’s my charging station. A place to disconnect from the world, a place of renewal and grounding. I now go to the beach to hear the sound of the ocean or to see a sunrise. My ideal days consist of yoga and pickleball, a coffee shop hang, mixed with some good food and a sunset. There is something about the island that draws us in, and seemingly never lets us go. It seems to hold us to a higher standard of being. A place where we all seem to be happier and the best versions of ourselves. A place we are proud and privileged to be a part of, and we would do anything in our power to pass this privilege to future generations. For me, it’s where I feel the most connected to myself and the universe. There is something powerful in that. 

In early 2024, I left my corporate career in Data Science and joined my brother and father in real estate. To do business with people I love in a place I feel deeply connected to felt too perfect to ignore.

Whether you are an islander with stories of your own or someone looking to explore the area I look forward to hopefully meeting you and providing as much assistance as needed in your home sale or purchase!

Skyler Salay

Content Creator

Colbey Guarino

Social Media Manager
What they say about US

Client Testimonials

Judy Overdorf
2 weeks ago
I was employed by The Guarino Team for two years and I would just like to express how much I enjoyed working for them. Their honesty and commitment to clients was admirable. They worked very hard to meet their client's specific needs, making sure each received the best service... read more
robby cox
2 weeks ago
I contacted Drew to learn more about the Long Beach Island real estate market and I felt confident right away that I was talking to the right person. He knew the island extremely well and was willing to help me without being a ‘pushy’ realtor. Drew showed me around... read more
Benjamin Litt
4 weeks ago
As my family and I are new to the area, we didn't know where to look when exploring the Jersey Shore. That's where the Guarino team came in. Drew was so helpful and instrumental in finding our dream beach house on LBI; like any top realtor would, he gave us... read more
Emily Pizoli
4 weeks ago
Working with Drew was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. His expertise and professionalism made the home buying process seamless. Drew listened attentively to our needs, provided valuable insights, and guided us every step of the way. We highly recommend him to anyone in search of a top-notch real... read more
Jon Sheridan
1 month ago
The Guarino Team is the place to go if you are looking to buy or sell at Long Beach Island! They are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about the local market. They showed me around the island and took me out on a boat to show me key parts of the... read more
Ruthann Kelman
2 months ago
Drew was exceptional with the purchase of our condo on LBI. He is very professional and willing to help with everything! He went above and beyond! Made to process very easy. Will recommend him to my friends!
Jennifer Furey
2 months ago
Drew was dedicated for over a year, to helping me find the perfect place for me on LBI. He's very knowledgable on the LBI real estate market, he was excellent at predicting what a house would actually go for when listed, patient and not pushy, and once my bid was... read more
Stephen Hendrickson
2 months ago
Drew is the absolute best. He helped my wife and I with the purchase of our second home/rental property. It was a short close and Drew was there every step of the way allowing us to close as planned in 6 weeks. He is such a gentleman... read more
Bryan Tyburski
2 months ago
Vince and Drew were a true pleasure to work with, from day one though closing they assisted us every step of the way. Can’t wait to do it again!