Ultimate LBI Happy Hour Guide (by town)

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Credit : Photo by Tucker's Tavern

It’s 4:22 pm on a Friday. Your’re right in the thick of the LBI Happy Hour window.  It’s officially time to scrap the salad and water routine you have begrudgingly adhered to for the week. The decision to let loose is an easy one. Now comes the hard part – finding where to do it.

It all starts with a Google search of “Best happy hours on LBI”.

The painstaking process of pecking around restaurants’ websites begins. 8 minutes in, you realize you haven’t scoured this hard for something on Google since your final school paper. All because you are too cheap to pay $7 for a glass of Canyon Road. 

After repeating that cycle week after week, I decided enough was enough and herein created this guide. Which I really hope you use to your advantage, because no one should ever pay more than $10 for a soft pretzel (I don’t care how good the beer cheese is) and oysters taste awfully better for a buck. 

So cheers to less time Googling and more time unwinding!

*Happy hour menus are linked below the chart

For a printable version click here.

Happy Hour Menus